Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 months pt2.

Weight: 18.7 pounds
Height: just shy of 28 inches

& get this her big ol dome piece {noggin} if off the charts !!
she can thank her dad for that one

She was in the 95 percentile for everything!
She lost some weight, from crawling & will obviously lose more!

Dr said the "night terrors" are reflux related. Thanks goodness.

Anddd, we ended the appt with
Next cycle here we come!
This made me have a extra spring in my step today, hopefully one step closer to another miracle!

Also, I will be picking the winner BOTH giveaways tomorrow!
Make sure you go & enter to win a flower for you or your little girls hair & a all natural rubber Hevea paci!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog :) Happy day!


  2. Oh I'm so excited! Onto a new cycle. I hope this is the lucky one for you!! :D
    PS- FOURTY-FOUR INCHES?!?! Holy MOLY! Sounds like a Sullivan head. {My father's side of the family}
    PSS- she's ridiculously adorable. They have WAY cuter clothes/options for girls. It's unfair.

  3. yay yay yaaaaaay for clomid!

  4. Cute blog.. newest follower!! your girl is precious!!

  5. oh and following on twitter too :)

  6. She is toooooooo cute!!! I didnt realize she, and my youngest are only 8 days apart!!


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