Wednesday, February 22, 2012

house of horrors

lets start this off by saying I hate the dentist
not like when everyone says they hate the dentist
but i seriously get like sweaty palms, anxiety attack scared of the dentist.
Sure after having more of my pre-teen life spent in a orthdontist
thats right freakin FIVE years of braces GEEZ. & things before that
this fear should be long gone piece of cake right?

At the end of my pregnancy with Kennedy, my right back molar chipped
of course I knew I needed to get it fixed but with the end of my pregnancy, then newborn plus our insurance not having ANY dental coverage, not to mention my fear it was the LAST thing on my mind.

Let me also say dental health while being pregnant is HUGE. Like major shit here people.
So when we started trying I KNEW I had to get in. But my fear kept me from making that call.

So lets go back to last week, I made the appt my tooth at this point was hurting me which it hadn't before.
The dentist sent me to a oral sugreon to get a root canal or extraction
but the OS would not touch me with being high risk, I needed a clearence from my OB
since we found out I have an infection under the tooth.
please don't think im some nasty that doesnt brush their teeth haah I do at least twice a day, floss, rinse the whole deal!  But kennedys pregnancy took the life outta my teefers!

But the dilema was the infection could put me into labor, but doing the root canal or extraction could put me into labor.
Either are big risks.

I started intense anti botics & would try to put it off til at least 30 week if not after baby.

That was Last Monday.

Last Tuesday I went into labor.

Last Wednesday it chipped MORE! AH

So i had to weight out my options in a root canal or extraction.
The difference besides the obviously was couple thousand dollars.
Extraction was prefeered by the dentist since my wisdom tooth was going to slide right in that spot by the end of the year taking away from having them removed by the end of the year.

So I deicded on that, I would be a hilbilly til the molar came all the way thru. 
Luckily it is back so far no one will even see it. 

Well, I just got a call from the dentist & my OB cleared me & wants it out...TOMORROW!
like noon tomorrow.
I have to take double anti contrax pills before, & one after, rest & have someone pamper me. darn ;)
I just have to make sure Brandon can switch his day off so he can be my nurse :)

Seriously, I am FREAKING OUT!
not looking forward to this AT ALL.
But I know it is whats best for baby.

Learn from me ladies, dental health & pregnancy are so HUGE. make sure you get a cleaning & check before you even start TTC! It can effect baby so much. & momma!

So am I the only one or do yall hate the dentist too?


  1. Same thing happened to me while pregnant with Ry! I had an abscess & the oral surgeon extracted my far left molar at 36 weeks, then at 38 weeks my far right molar got absessed & he had to extract that one too. 12 hours later my water broke & I went into labor with Rylin & she was born 24 hours after that extraction. I'll be praying for you tomorrow!

  2. After my son was born I had to have a root canal during which the file broke off so I had to go to a specialist and have it performed again. Like you, I HATE the dentist. People think I'm crazy, but I really do think having dental work done is worse than labor. But I'm sure everything will work out for you! You'll be in my thoughts!!

  3. When I was pregnant with my 1st, my teeth turned into shit :( I was and still am seriously OCD about brushing my teeth... I hope everything goes okay tomorrow! Good Luck!

  4. i totally hate the dentist. i am scared for when i get pregnant later on down the line and then what will happen to my teeth.. i'm super crazy about my teeth and freak out at one little spot.


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