I was debating on even doing this cause frankly our "story" is boring haha
We have been together 4 years!
We have known each other much much longer well actually lets just jump into how we meet shall we?
I was a sophomore in highschool, he was a sophomore in college {yes he graduated when I was 8th grade haha} 
My best friend was all about this boy named Brandon; who lived in this house with 2 other guys.
Pretty much it was a frat house without the frat.
I met him after my pants litterly ripped from my crotch up to my zipper, yes in the front.
I totally thought him & his friend were dumb, immature & drank entirely too much.
Ask him about the first time we meet; & the numerous other times I came over there go on...
Yup he has no memory of me at ALL, my best friend whom is still my very good friend oh yes. Me? nope nada. SHEESH.
Whats a girl gotta do to be remembered more than exposing her crotch & pink undies these days ;) haha

so fast forward to MY sophmore year of college we cross paths again hanging out with our friends.
I was/am kinda a guys guy in form of a girl; so I was always over at their house & although he lived in brand new 3 bedroom home all to himself; he was the guy on the couch. I once again thought he was dumb, immature & drank entirely too much. haha He? didn't exactly like me either.
One thing led to another & after few nights of staying up all night & talking; we fell in love :)
ok well it took me a little longer..Hey i was young & wanted to have fun!
We were "dating" & actually moved in with one another before we were "facebook offical"
which looking back now is so crazy! haha but it was "our" way of doing it

He proposed just here at home, which is what I wanted. At the time our dogs were our kids & our life so it seemed like the best place to do it! I came home from my friends house; & walked in & started screaming because I thought the house had caught fire with all candles! They made a trail with rose petals to him waiting with a rose by the fire. 
Super simple, Super perfect!

Our wedding was I'd say normal size, not huge, not small. All in all I loved the day, just not events leading up to it. There was alot of drama, & it ulimately killed every emotion associated with the day. 
I look back & am not happy with day, but the event of marriage I was. 
I just wish certain people would have realized it was OUR day & OUR memories.
  Although....we were married months before the actual wedding which only a hand full of people knew! {hmm blog post on that one? i think so ;)}
The ceremony was in a gourgeous huge barn!

& the ceremony was in a old masonic temple ballroom. 

He USED to be a flowers, card the whole sha-bang type of guy. I would wake up to little notes & a single flower on the pillow beside me. Random bouquets of flowers for no reason. Now? not so much. sigh.. But he has never disappointed on Valentines day before! 
Which is ok cause honestly, I am stay at home fall asleep on the couch while watching a movie with take out kinda girl! :)
This valentines day not sure what we will do! I would like to incorporate Kennedy; shocker I know. So maybe a nice dinner out & a movie back at home? :) Its always his call on Valentines! So who knows!
I don't normally ask for anything, he surprised me with something! Last year it was a open heart necklace! Ah remember last year when I almost died? haha ahh memories ;)
This year I am asking/begging for some Tory Burch flats, but lets be honest; if I dont get them on v-day. Ill just order them :)
One thing to keep your relationship going?
Divorce is NOT a option.
not even dance with the idea, dont threaten it, dont even talk about it.
& its not easy. Its so hard. We still work on it everyday. Its ok to want to bite his head off & really really really not like him. But work thru it! Too many people are wanting this storybook marriage, marriage IS NOT EASY. Its actually the hardest thing I have expierence my whole life. This whole momma thing? Piece of cake, ive been playing mom to my nieces for YEARS it comes naturally to me; & I thank God for that. Marriage? Tough. Real tough. But if you love someone you work on it each & everyday! :)
Sidenote: he doesn't drink "entirely too much" anymore! after we got together we both kinda ex'd the party seen
just wanted to clear up that he isnt a ranging alcoholic :)