Did you notice week 25 was missing?
Thats because I got royally confused, the Dr tried moving my due date about a week & a half forward.
Making my due day the 20th.
There is just absoultely no way, Although we had stopped trying a few weeks before I went back & looked at my chart, I know down to day when I ovulated & conceived 
& since a "due date" is really just a guess, I am sticking with what I know.
& at this point he should just say I am measuring small, as a ultrasound at this point in pregnancy really isnt accurate as it is in the beginning
So I am 27 weeks TODAY, but according the Dr 25w5d
Just a matter of a few days but still irritating since they did this with Kennedy too.
Of course I was right with her too :)

At my last appt on Friday we found out a couple things
1. I have to have another ultrasound, they have some concern that they couldnt see any kidneys or the lower half of her spine. I could freak out, which I kinda am but I am really just racking this up to the tech {who is a biznatch} did a sucky job or it was just her position.
2. my cervix is now at a 4.1 this is wonderful!  & out of the 3 range is which is what we want! 
3.  I get to wait 2 1/2 weeks to come back, for most people NO big deal, for me I haven't gone this long without a appt for high risk mommas, its the small things :) but after that I am 2 weeks or less due to how far along I am anyway :P
How far along? 27 weeks
Baby’s Size: The size of an cauliflower
Total Weight Gain: 3lbs what what!
Bellybutton: innie!
Stretchmarks: nope!
Maternity Clothes: still just my pants & the shirts I got for christmas. I want to get some tho soon!
Movement: Always, big jabs now! 
Sleep: Still good. Kinda thinking about getting a pregnancy pillow, the body pillow just isnt cutting it! Do any of you own one? Is it worth the money?
Symptoms: Constantly drinking milk, like with Bug! More cravings than I did with Kennedy! Colostrum, lord have mercy lots of colostrum. So exciting!
Food Aversions: None
Food Cravings: Milk, & Scotch Eggs! YUMMM!
Best Moments this week: Finding out I can wait longer to come back to my appts!
Buggy really getting into where "bebe" is! Makes my whole world complete.
What I miss: Still nothing. I love being pregnant, I can rarely find a thing to make me want to miss out on!
What I am Looking forward to: Getting her bedding!