I haven't done  a faves post in a long time; but here is what we have been loving lately!

Disney Heigh Ho Mozart! We have this on CD but I converted it to a playlist on my Ipod & keep it in bug's room. Girlfriend will NOT sleep without it, we start with beauty & the beast & with in 2 tracks she is zonked. It also helps her if she wakes up in the middle of the night!

Alex Trampoline. Kennedy got this some months ago. & LOVES it. Its kinda bulky & takes up a lot of room, but keeps her occupied for ever & gives her exercise! Right now she is loving it to have little picnics with herself on, it kills me. It is SUPER hard to get the mesh clean. but other than that no complaints! High recommend it! & Kourney Kardashian has it for Mason, I didnt know this til like 2 weeks ago; which as a Kardashian Addict *blushes* makes it 10 x's cooler ;)

Avent. We are still avid Avent users! The recently came out with some new cups; & we love them! I get asked all the time what cups we use, & aside from one Boon sippy & a fellow hello kitty cups, these are all we use! & if you are a pregnant momma alot of times its up to baby to decided which you use, but just about all Avent products can be used together. Like my bottles, I can take out the nipple & replace it with a sippy insert & changes to a sippy! Which is hella convenient!

Boon High Chair. Oh this thing I hate to love. I think everyone that is a long time follower knows I have been dying over this thing before bug was even born! We finally got it when she turned one, is that werid? we just used a bumbo until then! Oh well! I seriously was excitied. Until I had it maybe a week, Kennedy has Ravoli the sauce got off of her on to the pad when i was getting her out. It was on it for maybe 5 minutes & completely stained it. NOTHING would get it off. I emailed the company on what to do, & how furious I was  that I paid 300 dollar for a highchair that the seat pad should be made out of a material that wipes clean. Their response? Buy a new one. Yup spend 30+ dollars a week later cause we suck. ;) ok they didnt say that but they did tell me to buy new. I was furious. The wheels def move when the brake is on, which luckily stays generally stationary. BUTT despite that. I love this thing, I hate to love it but I do. From the harness to the tray covers to the lift {that i think need oiled?} & wheels to the all around look of it. This Highchair rocks! The pad & customer service? does not.

Speaking of Boon, I swore of fALL products after my experience, until I found this {bug pod} haha which is another LOVE. keeps my bathroom SO organized & bug loves putting her stuff away in it! It WILL not stick to my bathtub at all; I thought about asking customer service what to do, but decided not to deal with it again haha so we put it on the bath doors!

Crack. I mean the movie Tangled. I am still huge on waiting for introducing alot of TV until the age of two. We didnt really put on a movie soley to watch it with bug until she was one. This is her favorite. We still limit alot of TV, but I am a Disney movie freak myself & as said before see no harm in a movie here or there! & they just make her SO happy! She still wont sit thru a whole movie, but this one holds her attention the most & she sings with it! I love it! & hell this pregnant momma sometimes need a nap mid day & this let me get a good 15 min cat nap! ;)

Melissa & Doug Box Puzzles. These ones she obviously has a harder time putting together then the large knob ones! But she loves the boxes {opening & closing, taking the pieces in & out}& putting the outfits on the top {she has the ballerina one & other harder ones}

Part 2 coming up!