I rarely complain about anything pregnancy related, but this my friends?
I was littlerly gagging waiting for them to get it for me!
Once I got half way thru I threw up in my mouth; TMI i know but that how much it gets me gaggy :P
I kinda sorta drank a half of glass of cherry coke {yes im still drinking pop, turns out I cant just stop cold turkey like i did with bug; all in moderation right?} I am hoping it doesnt set of the test; cause im 85% sure i failed!
Have any of you slipped up & still passed?
I also made this for Miss Kensley today! Isn't it adorable?
I kinda wanna start making them for people; but don't know when i'd find the time
& frankly I am not sure this will even fit her; if she follows sister & daddys suit big noggins are in her future!
Last weekend we went the Circus! She had so much fun frantically clapping with everyone; when everyone would start & she didn't notice she would she "OH!" & clap as fast as she could like she had to catch up!
We got to intermission & girlfriend was barely keeping her eyelids open, im tellin ya 8 o clock rolls around & she is out of comission!

morning after at 10 in the afternoon; & still out like a light!
Belly pic & appt update comin atcha! :)