when I say birth plan, take it lightly
birth can be have so many unexpected turns in events
I should really call it my "hopefully-wishing-birth-plan-thoughts"

Labor at home as long as possible.
Depending of course if I go to term & appts leading up to this
& by as long as possible I don't mean real long, if this labor follows kennedys it was just under 4 hours & I just dont want to take of the chance of being at home too long, but don't plan on jumping in the car with my first contraction either.

No intervention.
Again, unless medically & I mean I get more than one opinion, I would like NO pitocin or c-section.

No Epidural.
I have full confidence in myself that I can do this without the help of an epidural I went thru transtion & most of my labor til 8cm with kennedy without it, & got a boluse button which im 85% didn't even take for how far I was.
Now, I am also not saying I WILL NOT get one. I am not gonna get down on myself & beat myself up if I do end up getting one. I will however get a shot before any epidural intervention before making that decision.
But going in, I have full intention on not getting one.

Just Brandon & I.
This being our last & final *sniff* time to experience a birth of our own. We want it to be just us. & the photographer.
All family will be out in the waiting room or where ever they choose to be.
I am sure I will have my mom in there at some point during labor; but for the birth it will only be Brandon & the photographer.

Delayed Cord Clamping
I have in the past year gotten educated on delayed cord clamping & it will be something we do. We donated Kennedys but after research realize it amazing for baby to get that! It can take anywhere from 2-7 minutes! If you want to read a good post with info & pictures, you can do so HERE.

Skin to Skin
As long as baby is born healthy & no complications, we will again be doing an hour skin to skin. Which mean no one touches her for the first hour. No one weighs her, or anything. I loved doing it with Kennedy it SO beneficial for baby, not to mention breastfeeding. 
SN:a actually really cool video if you want to check it out is called the breast crawl, it show the baby put down right after birth & the baby actually crawls to mothers breast itself & even attaches; pretty neat!

Welcoming Sister to Sister.
After that hour I want bug to meet her/hold her first! & see what she thinks/gets a feel for her. Kinda a silly request but I want her to be the next after us two :)

Now to keep her baking til term!
Appt Friday, since I kinda forgot I had one this Friday!