After my pre-term scare a few weeks ago 
I have been in nesting mood; which I think I normal for about now but as with Bug with my preterm it gets jump started!
All of Kensleys furniture has been bought

All of these are Instagram quality so bare with me
The ugly light will be gone!
I am ordering her bedding hopefully this week; & my friend & I should be painting any day now. But life with toddlers has gotten the best of us!
I would show you but I want surprise yall!
The big surprise that I can tell you is there is pink involved!
If you know me at all. I don't do pink
but since everything in bugs room is purple, I thought I would do pink for her!

Then a long time ago I pinned this:
Seriously I fell in love
so I attempted it FINALLY
A lot of the pictures arent up cause they need updating, at a new little person added to them :)
So nesting has kinda been spruce up the house before the baby comes; rather than get stuff ready for her since I have just about everything!

Remember when I said I was redoing that hideous dining room of mine?
Well at about 930 at night one night I thought yeah, ill go ahead & do that
Before 1030 arrive my butt was in bed & one & half walls were painted....& still are! OPPS!
Need to finish. Husband is refusing to help since "it didnt need it" 
little does he know on his day of on friday he will get the wrath of this pregnant woman & he will be painting the day away :)

I have some other stuff up my shelve I cant wait to share!