Yup we are doing it.
If you follow me on IG {mrsmumaw} or twitter you already know all this
I really want to touch on the subject

I understand how old my daughter is. We are in NO WAY forcing this on her. If I didn't think she could do this, we wouldnt be trying.

If you want any good reading material on this I highly recommened Potty Trained by Two

 Am I under the impression my daughter is going to be potty trained in a month? two months? no. Right now we are simply similarizing her with the potty & if she ends up getting it down in two months, GREAT. If not that's OK.

Familiarzing her: 
-we did this long before ,not knowing it was good for potty training, but letting her come with us to the bathroom; saying go potty & show her ect. 
-we set her on it a few times a day; if I forget & do it only 5 instead of 7 times, no big deal; but still want to be consistent. 
-If she wants down, she gets down. 
-I let her have a toy after meals while sitting on it which keeps her more opcupied & making it "fun" because most the time after a meal she goes potty for me.
- I show her & grunt showing her how to go "poopy" which has helped she has pooped on the potty 3 times now! Only time we have gotten her to pee I believe is pure ca-wink-a-dink or when I turned the water on. I don't think she is getting the concept with peeing since I cant show her a face ect on how to go like with poop. There is also proof in the potty for her to see & celebrate with pooping where as pee sometime you cant see !
We use key words that are generally normal: potty,poopy,icky diaper. We will say do you need to go potty? Now she says "potty" & will go to the bathroom, she has yet to go when she says that. But we still put her on it each time. Or if she wants to after we go, we let her whenever she wants too. 
We also say things like "is your diaper icky?" & she will take off her diaper, or try if she has pants on!

We have this potty by Safety First, but we put her on the real potty with just the insert which she likes better.
We also have this book! She isn't really "understanding" books, but it gives her a visual mostly; until she understands better. Its only 6.29 on barnes&noble.com

Im really excitied about this new adventure & how fast she will pick up on it! She is already understanding so much & even going so my efforts are working!
 I would LOVE to have her out of diaper by the time Kensley gets here but if not, that fine too. All on her own time.