Do you ever want to throw your hands up in the air & yell to God
that was me yesterday
at about 230 I lost my mucus plug with alot of blood {sorry for the TMI but hey your used to it by now right? ahah}
Sidenote: almost exactly around this time with kennedy the SAME thing happened

litterly probably 20 mins later the contractions started; I figured they were just braxton hicks; until they got rhythmic & after talking to the dr & them getting seriously worse than my labor with kennedy & at 3 mins part, I got sent to L&D at 5ish!
I was hooked up to be monitored, got hooked to a IV & given a shot of Breathine/Terbualine  which is an anti contraction medication; get labs & urine test; I had a elevated white blood cell count but everything was good.
The contractions were still pretty rough & the pain was effecting Kensley. Every contraction I had her heart beat would raise considerably high to the point were it was alarming, so to not put her in any destress or to cause me more labor from the pain & I got Nubane which is a safe for pregnancy pain reducer thru my IV.
Contractions started to let up but not much so I got 2 more doses of Breathine orally.
If you have ever taken you know how awful it makes you feel, your heart races SO fast & get so jittery & shakey; NO FUN!
We got them to about one every 45 min at a pain scale of 4-5, they wanted to keep me over night; but as long as I was OK I wanted to go home to my baby & my bed. Luckily they let me but gave me shot of Nubane to go home on; & then take another 2 Breathine tablets orally a hour later. & I had to check in first thing in the morning.
We got home around 11
& I woke up to about a contraction a hour if that; & if it has consistently been that way since.
I am now on Breathine til term, or they stop & stay stopped which I am not happy about I HATE feeling this way; I was on this with kennedy too.
Lots of rest, the nurse didn't say the word "bedrest" which I am grateful for; but she said dont do anything.
& of course push fluids.

I am at my moms probably for the night tonight, Brandon works til at least 8 if not later & has over a hour drive to get home, &  after a few hours this morning there is just no way I could have stayed home by myself & not done anything like the dr ordered.
I am so thankful I am able to do that, I really don't know what I would do if I couldn't.

Anyway wanted to update everyone & ask for thoughts/prayers that she got the pictures & is staying put!