Can we just take a second or two
& lets just talk about my daughter
I know I do it enough but I really havent had a post dedicated to her lately, since I am not doing month updates anymore.
is that mean?
I could barely keep up with them.
Anyway, when your baby becomes a toddler you know there will be changes.
walking & tantrums. sippys & boo boos.
& that little baby becoming his or hers own little person.

Bug has always had quite the personality but after she turned 1; she turned into this little.... human
the sweetest, funniest, cuddley-est, loving,  little "girl" ever.
I wish I could just post a video of our day. How she acts & the things she does & says so you all could get the feel for what I am talking about.

She does the craziest things:
she falls asleep when  & wherever:
she is SUCH a ham!
she seriously is hilarous
she has a bit of girly sass to her, like she wont leave the house without her doggie purse, she now will refuse to wear certain not joking. & will be more than happy to pick what SHE wants to wear.
she loves her pups
the dog isnt dead/choking he just happened to be licking his nose..ok he might has been choking a little ha
did i mention how funny she is?
oh babygirl. You keep us on our toes everyday. Surprising us with what you know, what you can do, & what you can say each day.
Just yesterday while doing her infamous head stand fell over & Brandon laughed, she jibber jabbered some & said "nah nice" meaning not nice. Which is something that is frequently said to her regarding the dogs & her new found hitting us in the face.

Toddlerhood is such a trying time, but lord are we loving the ride; & laughing our butts off.

Love you so much!