This is a open letter, & a little talk about being a pregnant momma of a toddler

Pregnancy with a toddler is no joke my friends.

I worked a soild 3 weeks when I was pregnant with Kennedy; until I got sick. I laid on the couch mostly dying; but after the dying part. I took 3-4 hour naps, cuddled with my 3 pups watching old episodes of One Tree Hill I've seen a million times. When I had a sudden urge to gain 50 pounds with my cravings, I jumped into the car drove to McDonalds for that Big Mac, frozen cake at walmart or took the 20 min trip to get some damn fazoli breadsticks {mmm must get those soon.} with out a care in the world.

Lets fast forward about 2 years. 
I am guilty of turning on Tangled in the morning, grabbing a bowl of cherrios & cut up nana's & a ba-ba for those few extra 15 mins of sleep. 
Naps? HA. Bug takes two a day, what I am doing? I am "trying" to clean up my tornado of a house, the highchair with lunch slewed not only all over the highchair itself but the floor, wall & anything within 4 ft radius, the dishes, feed the dogs, let out out the dogs. & sometimes I just want to sit. Oh to sit & catch up on DVR. 

Cravings? Hell by the time I rangle her up, get the dog BACK into the house for the 5th time, I can't find my keys; my money isnt even in my wallet & franky I need a nap from the fourth said events I dont have the energy to look for it & probably forgotten what said craving was anyways.

Dinner? haha 

I am blessed with a child that when 8 o clock hits it bedtime at our house, no later. So by 830 I will try to stay up to watch those ever obsessive, trashy shows I love so much, catch up on twitter but really I give it til 10 til Im in a puddle of drool pooled on my pillow, awaiting the next hour I will have to get up and switch position to get some what comfortable.

So YES, I am crazy for having my babies 18 months apart & dare I say wanted them that close & even more TRIED to have them even closer.

This whole 3 trimester with a almost 15 month old shit isn't a joke.

& friends I still got 3 months left & months of newborn-ness to follow.

I am completely content in our crazy decision & with its said "tornado" of a life :)

But in the words of that person that always has awesome quotes about real life; "I may not have it all together, but together; we have it all."