Thursday, May 16, 2013


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hoping, reading, wearing, making, planning 

Kennedy & Kensley are currently...

Hoping to go to the zoo, each of them. There is a rare morning that Kennedy doesn't wake up asking to see 
monkeys! Kensley joins right in "mon-ees" she tried to yell with her sister!

Reading right now the girls' favorite that gets brought to me thru out the day is "Bernstein Bears No More TV" & two Brooke Shields books, "Its the best day ever, ever' & "welcome to your world, baby" Kennedy thinks the illustrations of of the two girls are her & her sister! They are such fun books!

Wearing Kennedy as always, if on a non pants plan for life, luckily now that its warm enough, she can wear dresses everyday, & generally she does! She will yellow "momma NO PANTS today" Kensley may or may not mostly likely be wearing a matching to dress to her sister every day :)

Making so thankful. I love these two girls more & more every day.

Planning to go to the zoo of course! :) Hoping we can get there before the weekend!

I am currently...

Hoping I start to see more progress in my weight loss..I am getting discouraged!

Reading I am actually for once not "currently" reading something. My kindle died & I can't find the charger. But, I am half way thru "Sparkly Green Earrings" that so car has been amazing, just need to finish!

Wearing workout clothes, all day everyday. Well and when I am not in those, I am loving my new jersey knit maxi skirts from WALMART 12.99 yall. Amaze-balls.

Making a wreath for my front door! Excited to share!

Planning to miss my husband this weekend, he will be gone at the badlands! Girls weekend it is!


  1. my boys LOVE the zoo, too. Last thing I knew (when I was also not blogging) you weren't blogging very often on this blog. So imagine my excitement when I re-entered the bloggy world and found your blog alive and well! Woo hoo!
    I'm totally going to join this link up, how easy and fun. :)

    1. I know! I stopped for the longest time! As you know it's tough with two young ones! My Facebook hasn't let me one for 2 months and I've loved coming back here again! Glad to see you back too!


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