It's no secret us as mommas, whether we mean to or not, whether we admit or not, we compare.

It a horrid thing we do. & while Ive gotten better now with having two, when Kennedy was born I was always comparing..Oh Cindy Loo is doing this, should she should too? ect.

When I say Ive gotten better, what I mean is to compare them others.
& a lesson Ive recently learned in the past year?
Don't compare them to each other. Each other meaning, their siblings.

When Kensley was born, she looked just like Kennedy. Seriously it was crazy.
But far from them being alike were they!
More frequently then I would like to admit I would say "Kennedy was doing {this} by then, why isn't Kensley?" or even "Wow Kensley is doing {this} way before Kennedy ever did"

The first few weeks I thought, Yup just like her sister. Sleeps 24/7 easy going baby.
Then everything changed.

Kensley was colicky baby with every sense of the word. Kennedy was the seriously easiest baby, it was almost odd, just how easy she was.

& now? with two TODDLERS {whoa thats weird}
Kensley is shy, conservative but so bubbly. She hates to be cuddled, she is all "let me be,mom". She will be so quite then BAM her personality come out full force. She is a total dork & brings SO much color in my life. She is such a {so far} easy toddler. Just goes with the flow. 
Kennedy? This child. Is the epitome of "terrible twos". This girl can throw a tantrum. like crazy tantrums. She is kinda like a sour patch kid. She can be sour but oh so sweet. She is my cuddler, asks to be held, will prompt me to "come aye wif me momma". She is either the sweetest child I've ever meet or the most crazy laying on the floor screaming!

It's something I am learning. Each of my children are different. They grow & do things at their own speeds. I love each of their personalities but how boring would it be to have one & not the other? Kensley brings that color to my life, & Kennedy warms my heart with warm hugs; I can't imagine my life with out one or the other. I almost defiantly wouldn't want them to be like each other. Each of them bring so much to our family.

They make my life so fun, & I love that they are each their own person. 
Perfect in every way.