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hoping, reading, wearing, making, planning 

Kennedy & Kensley are currently...

Hoping to go to the zoo, each of them. There is a rare morning that Kennedy doesn't wake up asking to see 
monkeys! Kensley joins right in "mon-ees" she tried to yell with her sister!

Reading right now the girls' favorite that gets brought to me thru out the day is "Bernstein Bears No More TV" & two Brooke Shields books, "Its the best day ever, ever' & "welcome to your world, baby" Kennedy thinks the illustrations of of the two girls are her & her sister! They are such fun books!

Wearing Kennedy as always, if on a non pants plan for life, luckily now that its warm enough, she can wear dresses everyday, & generally she does! She will yellow "momma NO PANTS today" Kensley may or may not mostly likely be wearing a matching to dress to her sister every day :)

Making so thankful. I love these two girls more & more every day.

Planning to go to the zoo of course! :) Hoping we can get there before the weekend!

I am currently...

Hoping I start to see more progress in my weight loss..I am getting discouraged!

Reading I am actually for once not "currently" reading something. My kindle died & I can't find the charger. But, I am half way thru "Sparkly Green Earrings" that so car has been amazing, just need to finish!

Wearing workout clothes, all day everyday. Well and when I am not in those, I am loving my new jersey knit maxi skirts from WALMART 12.99 yall. Amaze-balls.

Making a wreath for my front door! Excited to share!

Planning to miss my husband this weekend, he will be gone at the badlands! Girls weekend it is!