I have had such good responses to these post, & have SO many to post. 
But somehow, I forget to take pictures to be able to do the post! 
Like for example this one, was from months ago; but I dug it up on Instagram!

 This is week is name recognition!
Things you will need:
-Index Cards

-MATCHING: Colors & Letters. At first it will be the color, which is key to use more than one color for their name. This will help with problem solving as they start to notice, I have 2 blues, but one has a A and one has a B.
-RECOGNITION: Letters & Name. This is just getting your tot familiar with letters & their name. After a million times of playing this game, Kennedy can fully recognize her name when put in front of her. or finding something with her name on it.
-FINE MOTOR: Using those pinchers to pick up the small cards!

Read Below to find out how to make your game:
How To:
I had a extra long paper on hand, which was handy since she had a longer name.
I cut colored index colors into squares. I wrote {i did upper case but your can either or} the letters of her name twice on to the same colored squares.
Then took packing tape to tape down on the paper.
& there you have it easy peasy.
Show your tot how to do it first, as always.
They learn by example.
Say the letters out loud for them.
When my girl gets really excited she will try to put the pink E on the pink K not looking, & will look at me & I will give her a "nooo" & she will place it on the other.
After awhile they will get why that specific color is different then the other one that is the same color.
This is a really simple activity & has so many ways for that little brain to learn!

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