I think when I think about Mothers Day I imagined this day, of me relaxing in a clean a house & the children being taken care. Kind of a day not to be a momma, if you will.

The night before Mother Day we set up a huge bed in the middle of living room floor to have a Toy Story marathon. We only got thru about half of Toy Story but it was the perfect way to start off Mother Day.

We all kinda got to sleep in. Mostly becauase Kennedy was sick, we had  HUGE change in weather it from high 70s to high 40s & it got her nose all runny & coughy. Brandon made me breakfast in bed & I got cards from each my babies. I came downstairs & was appalled at the way the house looked. It was a wreck.
I started cleaning which is something I did not want to be doing. & boy did I let it be known, slamming things & huffing and puffing. Brandon takes over 40 mins {yeah, i don't get it either} to do the dishes & I cleaned the living room, & re organized & cleaned the playroom while taking care of the girls, giving back a toy & sippy to each one as the other took it away.

The girls napped & I went upstairs & laid in bed & cried. ONE day I wanted ONE day to not have to clean. I came downstairs & let the husband have it. I cried I didn't want to clean,i didn't want to break up fights, deal with the crying baby, I know he works hard too but he can go days with out having to clean, reprimand a child, or even change a diaper {not by choice but his work hours leave him leaving & coming home generally when they are sleeping} My days consist day of cleaning, feed, wipe butts & faces, clean, break up fights, clean, wipe, repeat.

Being a momma is tough work, that is no secret. I feel like I have had my share of genuine hard work & job, & this mom gig is truly the hardest thing ive ever done. ever.

Brandon apologized, gave me my gifts, & apologized some more. I felt better. I went upstairs to get ready to go out to eat & everything kind of hit me like a ton of bricks.

Some of you may have spent yesterday, being able to sit & just kinda be, having things handled. Or maybe you spent the day by yourself out & about all alone. I spent my Mothers Days being just that, a Mother, the one thing I pray & dreamt of, the one thing I love more than anything else in this world.

I am always learning new ways for me to be a better person, wife & momma. & while I was getting ready I figured out I need to be positive.

Yesterday I got breakfast in bed, beautiful cards, the dishes were done by someone else, I got to lay down by myself, I got showered with gifts which included a pandora braclet with charms for each of my babies, I got to go out to dinner & not cook, I got so many kisses & hugs & 'I love yous' from my girls & felt so much love & appreciation for what I do every day.

Today I am back to doing just what I was doing yesterday, without a extra hand, I am doing dishes myself & I will be cooking dinner not Olive Garden.

So really, friends, that made for the perfect Mothers Day.