Go to Chicago
First on our list that we completed.
Why Chicago? Well we had a few things lined up that we wanted to do for memorial day weekend/ our day-cation. All of which fell thru; so Chicago it was!
Our plans were to go to the Shedd Aquarium.
But after a ridiculous 1.5 hours of sitting & only going 10 ft in line with quite a bit of line left we decided to go off & do the other things we had planned!

Shedd Aquarium 
the classic disappearing paci trick, its a favorite around here ;)
 It started as a very cold day, we were beginning to wonder what had happened! Not a typical Memorial Day weekend around here! It did end up warming up; thank goodness. & we walked over 30 blocks all around Chicago!

if you ask her, running up & down the hills was probably her favorite thing all day!

our attempt at a family picture. kensley was so tired, she would barely keep her eye open. See those swans? Kennedy wanted to swim with them. Im printing it anyways :P

love this one!

I LOVE food trucks. we have none around us! so of course we had to stop at these!
 Our first stop was the disney store. Our local one closed so its always a treat to get to go to one. Kennedy thinks we are AT Disney World every time haha

they could have spent hours in this castle, a princess appears in the mirror!

this was her pick! she picked {& was determined to carry} them out all by herself! they are cutest tea pots EVER!

bad as big as them!!
We walked several more blocks to eat dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe

Kennedys pick was this "punzal" doll! 
The Rain Forest Cafe overall was a great experience. I swear the girls barely ate a thing they couldn't stop smiling. The food, was horrible. Like horrible. Most the time I would be livid are our bill for such disgusting food, but the smiles on the girls faces & the experience,  is really what we paid for, so that made it ok for me.
Rainforest Cafe Chicago

We sat right next to a aquarium full of "dorys" & "nemos" she was THRILLED.

It was finally time to head home.
We stopped by the Married with Children fountain, which is what we like to call it. That thing is HUGE. 
The girls were out by this point. & it started raining. NO fun walk in. 
Overall, it was the best day-cation ever! it was just what needed. To get away for day & just spend time as family!
why do men always ruin pictures? he does not kiss like this, just HAD to be goofy.