Its car seat safety week!

I am not getting into RF vs FF, cause well I am just not.
That is your choice & my choice until the law changes it one way or the other; or maybe it already has in your state! 
So breathe, this is not a debate you will find here!

But I felt the need to post a few things, mostly because I became crazy unaware after my friend just had a baby & she had NO clue how to properly belt put baby her in a car seat. No one had told her, not even the hospital!

I am not gonna sit here & lecture you. Whether you have a top rated car seat, or the one you could afford on your budget; properly putting your baby in that car seat if crucial.

I grew up that I was barely in a car seat, after my bucket seat; I was in a car seat with no belt just a bar that went over me. Heck I even rode in the front seat in that thing. I wasn't in that long, & I was carseatless. My mom has my girls alot, & car seat safety just hasn't been apart of her world for a long time. She will throw the girls in the car seats & not think about it, until we sat her down & showed her. You don't know unless someone shows you! & Now we have Kennedy remind her every time she puts her in her "ca-seat" she will say "safety first nana" :)

So I am showing you!

First the chest clip. Its called that for a reason.
Not to be far down on their belly! for their CHEST.
It needs to be armpit level.

Car Seat Safety- Chest Clip

 The side impact head rest should be at chin level, or I have heard below ears!

Car Seat Safety. Side impact head rest.
Also, the belt should not be able to be pinched. I don't encourage the two finger under rule!

I hope this will help maybe a mom to  be, or a mom that sees they are putting their child in improperly!
Carseat safety is just something you can't just be so so about. Each & every time you put them in the car it need to be done properly. & remind those that take your child places do they are also educated & you have a mind at ease knowing your child is safe. 

This is your child's life.
Take carseat safety seriously!