A huge question I get asked alot is how it is having two young children so close together.
When I had 2 under 2 most woman looked at me like I had 2 heads. 2 GIRLS less than 2 years apart? & you did it on purpose?
sniff, so small
I often hear "wow you have your hands full" which while we are here, lets just get this out to all of you; don't say that phrase just don't. I for one do not take it as any form of a compliment & while im juggling my 2 children, diaper bag, sippy cup, half eatten toddler apple & talking yelling  my husband cursing about his work hours for the millionth time trying to get the door open you just stand there with a smirk on your face & say "wow looks like you havey our hands full" just open the damn door for me, & shut up. I CLEARLY know I have my hand full, thankyouverymuch.
So back to what I was saying it a common question on how "hard" it is. & I am not quiet on how hard this mom gig is for me but the whole 2 under 2 {even tho we are past that now} get eaiser & it get harder.
How you ask? While Kensley got more independent, like playing with her sister which made it eaiser it also made it harder cause now they can fight over whose baby doll they want, hit each other & "she stole my juice, momma GIVE IT BACK SISSY" ahhh. & now that Kensleys walking, boy does that make thing easier. But that also makes things harder cause well..KENSLEYS WALKING.
So often I am asked this from mommas who are on the fence on adding a little nugget to their family & my biggest advice?
All the things that got better, or got harder really doesn't matter at the end of day. There is such bigger things that I think about when I lay down my head every night. Like how Kennedy kissed her sister for no reason or being told to do so yesterday or how Kensley tried fixing her sisters bow this morning.
You will never regret having another child, but you will regret not having one.