Here in Indiana we didn't have a "bad winter" really, it was just LONG.
Lord, did we need some warmth in a bad way.
My mood needed it, & the girls need to RUN.

The past several weeks have been "summer warm" & we have taken full advantage.
We have spent from morning til evening outside.
My shoulders are a testament to that, they are FRIED.

There are so many good things about the warm weather around here:
Kennedy for one has a much better attitude, she is a different child after being able to run & play out all that energy she has built up!
Kensley loves it too, she really getting to experience it for the first time since she was a itty bitty last summer! Now that she is walking, she is constantly trying to keep up with her sister! & doing a great job trying!
& other plus' besides my mood & the girls' is also my house stays clean because we play outside all day, which really is a reason for us all to be happy ;)

That & I totally love summer clothes; dressing the girls every morning is so fun, but really when isn't it?

So since I am actually blogging & be consistent I give you our Summer Bucket List of 2013. Where I will be updating every time we cross one off! It is gonna look alot like last years, but its going to be alot easier now that Kensley is older!