Oh gesh oh peas!
I feel like i haven't blogged in forever.
Our internet has been down & seriously its of course during the times I need to blog before went insane
but I made it, & am sane, well sorta; the normal sane ;)

Ive been busy like always it seem like.
Kennedy is SO close to walking
she takes a few steps but finds it funnier to fall

& recently a dare-devil

Ive been trying to make a goal of a playdate a week
even though I watch a little girl, she is older
& i really need more mom-to-mom convos
we actually had one friday with Ashlee & Maddux from The Story of Us
but of course the one I time I dont take pictures was that day!
Hopefully we will have more soon tho!
this one kills me, one of my good friends little girl is older than her but they play great! they both have their cinderellas & doing the same thing!
freakin NINE month update tomorrow ya'll!