Unless you have been living under a rock, you know not only am I the biggest Disney fanatic but so is the whole family!
This weekend was our annual Disney on Ice show!
{For last years post click HERE}

This year was Kensleys first time going! We weren't sure how it would go only because she isn't one to well...sit. It was touch & go for awhile, but after she got her paci & bunny she was pretty content. After intermission she was ready to run; but a quick switch from daddys lap to mommas did the trick.
That & her fave princesses were after intermission

Every year I get just so...enthralled & teary eyed looking at Kennedy and now Kennedy & Kensley with such wonder when they see their favorite characters.
Oh if you all could hear their voices shouting "MICKEY!" waving!
The stunned looked on their faces that was all "OMG CINDERELLA IS RIGHT THERE."
Kennedy would get so concerned when one of the princesses would leave the stage. & when the next would be in the darkness waiting to go on, she would find them & screech their name. "MOMMA, SNOW WHITE!"

It's got me so excited for our trip to Disney. They are just going to love it. Oh, what was that? Disney trip you say? Yup! 2015, Disney here we come! I was really wanting to last year, but it didn't pan out! Anyway, im sure you will only hear about the excitement a million more times for the next year so lets get to the pictures shallllll we?

Last year were with just a few rows closer, our seats were still amazing {just a few rows up}; but I think we are gonna try for ground seats next year!

This years dresses were Rapunzel for Kensley & Snow White for Kennedy!

Jessi came into town just for this night, so we and most importantly Kennedy were just thrilled to see her & have her there with us!

 Light up stick wonder:

Tink, was the "host" if you will!

Over priced treats are always the best. & we must get one of each. I mean..

After Goofy made his appearance, my childrens life was pretty much complete.

Pascal & Rapunzel

Until next year!!