I think it was easier finding a wedding dress then the "right" convertible carseat for kennedy
so many safety ratings
litttle gadets
rear facing, forward facing
base, no base
as you all now I am kinda crazy
so I had to research each & everyone I was thinking about
a website that helped me a ton was
it had every car seat I was even thinking about & gave a honest review
I drive a Audi A4
which is a sports car so alot of my options were eliminated due to size & it functioning in my car

Here are the runners up:
Combi Coccoro
I actually saw reviews of this done in multiple Audis for size & its is just freakin cute; but after buying it thru amazon it just wasnt worth it for shipping cause she wouldnt be in it long. it def isnt a "grow with me" seat. Which is what I wanted.
Britax Marathon
bomb-ass reviews; well any britax carseat does. But for some reason didn't like the look of it. I know that sounds awful but hey i want it to be cute ;) & it is very big!

Graco MyRide 65
This one I thought would have a good running; but I read alot of bad review on the safety harness; the good reviews really out weighted them tho & alot of my friends have this. But I just wasnt "sold" on it.

Safety 1st Complete Air 65
This was my runner  up! I loved everything about it! I have no reason why I didn't choose it. It seems wonderful & had awesome reviews! But ulitmately I didn't choose it
 & finally we went with
Graco Signature Series "Jessica"
so much for wanting a small one right?
this thing is pretty huge.
but the safety ratings & review for this thing was staggering
& nothing could compare in comparison with it

& she LOVES it
So far it isnt a fight to get her in her carseat!
in the picture below; just for size comparison this is in the back of the Isuzu SVU! the thing is massive.
also, BRU installed this forward facing; I know they say til 2 rear facing. I know we will switch it but I dont know if we will til 2 years. we will see.

Anyway I know alot of you are getting ready for this transition & I couldnt find any help on searching for one thru blogs; so I hope this helps a little with your decision & some options!