Do you wanna build a snowman?!? We used to be best buddies & now we're not..I wish you could tell me WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY...
If you didn't get any of that, you either A) do not have young child B) are missing out on the amazing-ness that is the Frozen Movie AND soundtrack.

We are alive, I have  lots of posts coming!
We have been frozen in our house for the past ohhhh 2 months!!
Guys, it freezing. The past month has been nothing but below 0 temps with everyday snow falling.
Now, I am all about snow, winter & temps that have me curled up in a quilt next to the fire drink hot coco. But ya'll? There is actually warnings of DYING outside if your out for long period of time. UMM. no.

We thought the great thaw had begun, but sure enough the news says we expect snow tonight...sigh.
Im so ready, for spring and summer.
I havent gotten out my camera very consectively so these are gonna jump around a bit.
Heres the readers digest version of December to Jaurary:

Cousin Jessi came to visit, her visits are never long enough. & everytime she leaves we realize just how special her & Kennedys bond is forever making us wish she was closer.

 Kennedy learned to sled, & completely loved it..
 Kensley did too, & most defiantly did not love it...

We got Jessi a cakepop maker, & here we are testing it out!!

Jessi with her Daddy, Uncle Jimmy!

 When I saw we were FROZEN in, I meant it. We have had -22 degree weather, snow, snow & more snow. SO MUCH SNOW!!

I should find a picture of the backyard now..the snow is tho the swings...
 Kensley went to her first movie..which went horribly. Her & I ended up leaving to get her bunny & paci; came back to finish the movie where she sat perfectly...then fell asleep. Kennedy absotely loved it. They saw frozen & each of them are beyond obsessed. They know every word to every song on the sound track!

 Everyone is getting so big. These are getting so close. & it is so amazing to watch!

 I wish I had more pictures to share! I will be back with more post soon & on the my regular posting! So much for yall to catch up on!!