9 months! 
Holy cheese & rice, when did this happen?
we are almost to double digits!

new about you:
You are a puffs ADDICT. like no joke.
You are recently a little dare devil climbing up & into things
Love being outside, mostly to eat rocks
vocab: mama,dada,nana,doe,awww,ut-oh 
you take a few steps here or there but find it easier to crawl or fall forwards which is is hilarious to you
your eating alot of what we eat now, & love it!
you are really loving books now-a-days which makes me happy
you transitioned into a big girl car seat, but still throw fits when you have to get in it
you as always love your puppies but now try to chase every dog you see you no matter where they are
you had your first trip to our local zoo, feed a giraffe {that you called "doe" aka dog} & a duck!! 
bahahha ;)
You getting bigger & bigger everyday
& we love watching you grow into such a little lady :)

we love you so much!
happy 9 months baby girl!