• my house is a freakin diaster area. not the "oh dont mind my house-even though i know its clean-but want to act like it is-because a friend stopped" but seriously messy. I had a wedding {that was awful & I mean awful}& a session & during the husband didnt deem it necessary to help a momma out.
my back living room at this very minute! EK!

  •  I am thinking about starting the dining room remodel TODAY. this could happen before or after cleaning ;)

  • I think some momma bloggers are mean. I got so many mean emails about me not loving my daughter,being a horrible parent, "I should just kill my daughter myself" {yeah that was said} after THIS post, just to make it clear I never said she would never be rear-facing just cant see a 2 year old smashed in the backseat. end of discussion

  • while on that note who gives any of us mommas a right to telling them they are doing something wrong. I personally would never bash ANYONES parenting unless they were like beating their child or something horrific like a Oprah episode. Mommas are seriously brutal. {disclaimer: I totally could careless what mean people say, blogging gives anyone the right to say stuff; but sometimes..the mean stuff can get to me}

  • Kennedy is a puffs ADDICT. seriously she loves um.

      • My hair is crazzzy long. & I feel like I can't do nothing with it but put it in a ponytail. bleh.
      • My dogs seriously have been driving me CRAZY
      • can someone PLEASE make my header center? it driving me insanee!
      • My 4-year old niece has been spending around 20 hrs aday at our house & keeps peeing on my floors...like peeing on my floors. I dont get it; & it totally brought up the clear coat on my tile. ummmm..ew.

      Ok thats all I got for ya. 
      Hope you had a great weekend! TO CLEAN!