I want to share some pictures from our zoo trips this summer!
I forgot to post over fathers day weekend we went to the Toledo zoo!
I grew up going there like everrryweekend I loved it
but haven't been since we moved from Ohio
So it was really cool to take Kennedy there!
We went with my cousin, his wife who i absolutely adore & their daughter!

 Went to the local zoo twice in the past week, once with my MIL then again for daddy to be there!
doesnt see look like a toddler here? the girl beside her is the little girl i babysit! They felt pretty cool in their double stroller we rented!
Kennedy feeding the giraffe & the stupid lady with the cell phone in the way!
she calls it "doe, doe, doe" not exactly a dog, baby :)
playing in the fountain!
all dry! do you think one day she will wonder why her father is such a dork? haha