Playing catch up, bear with me.

Kennedy finished up her first year of dance in June!
She ended it with her recital!
She did amazing!
I wasn't sure how she would do because we started dance a few month later than everyone else, but it didn't hold her back!

She blew my mind at rehearsal! She did so well, & didn't seem to be fazed by the stage or people in the audience!
The day of we were both nervous!
I got her in her costume, got her bun perfectly placed at the top of her head in a perfect donut shape & off we went!
I had to leave her in a room without me, while I waited in the audience for her come on stage. That was a first for both us. She was just fine of course, & I knew because, I of course got out of my seat every few minutes before it started to peak my head in to see if she was alright!

First dance, ballet, was about 15 mins into the recital; she did great! 
I cried & couldn't believe my baby was up on stage doing a dance all by herself!
She was smiling & did the whole dance perfectly!

Her tap number was another 15 minutes in, as soon as she walked on I looked at my mom & said "something wrong". Bless her heart, I could see she had been crying. 
She tried doing her dance, but mostly she stood there doing a step or two with a big fat lip out just staring at me.

It took everything in me not to go up there & swoop her up!
I had wait what seemed like forever til intermission & ran to the room.
The room she was in held all of the dancers age ranging 2-17.
I finally made my way to her, & asked what happened & why she didn't dance. & bless her heart; she started crying right as she got in arms that a "big girl" stepped on her leg! She was so upset she didn't answer, but I assured her it was ok! She did wonderful & boy was she beautiful!
She got two big bouquets of flowers, of course that took her mind off of it & was all smiles!
We ended the day with a trip to chuck e cheese to celebrate!
It was a great first recital! I am excited for Kensleys first & every other recital between these girls in years to come!