I recently sat down with a friend who is a few years older than me
she was telling me about she has been running into friends that just got there masters & have these awesome jobs
& when they asked her what she has been up to
& she said she was embarrassed cause all she can say is "i had bella"
{let me just take a second to say she has been thru so much by having bella at 24 weeks}
& it seriously broke my heart
she saying with sadness to me how all she is, is a mom

& then just litterly just about a half hour ago
ran into a girl I went to high school with
& was telling me she graduated from her 4 years at Purdue 
{UCK, PU! becky you will like that one ;)}
& was now working with the giraffes at the local zoo, she "has the best job ever"
& i was "just being a mom right"

which got me thinking.. when did being a mom be so not a accomplishment?
not that being a working mom isn't
but when did "just being a mom"
be looked down upon, like that is ALL you do?

maybe its just because all I ever wanted to be was momma
I went to college but it just wasn't for me
I got my CDA, instead of my degree in early childhood development
which I barely got by getting since i had recently started dating Brandon & that was much more fun haha
maybe that makes me "unaccomplished" or a "loser"

but I got married to the love of my life
bought my amazing childhood home
conquered the impossible & got pregnant
then I stayed pregnant, being unbelievably sick
& laid in bed hooked up to a pump & IV for over 2 months
then I had a healthy beautiful little girl
& am taking care of her, my husband & home 
not to mention my annoying 3 dogs
{not in that order ;) }
to me that is a pretty big accomplishment

I love my photography business 
I am SO blessed to be able to do what I love all the while still being able to be home doing the one thing in life i truly believe i was placed on this earth to be...
...A MOM

I don't know if it is the stigma of those reality shows i can't seem to miss every week night
the full-time nannies
or the supercute kids that do nothing wrong
or the teen mom episodes that say HEY Maci is like 12 & does it 

But being a momma is hard.

So when someone asks me what I have done since highschool
I have started a family, a truly beautiful family
I may  not have a piece of paper with a degree on it
but i get sloppy kisses, bites on my nose, "mommas" & instant smiles followed by arms up in the air dying to be picked up whenever i walk into a room

& that my friends
is all i need.