{one} how many times have you been a bridesmaid/maid of honor?
Twice as a maid of honor!

{two} what’s the last thing your do before you fall asleep at night?
um, I am usually getting my back rubbed by my hubby :)

{three} you just won your dream vacation, all expenses paid. where are you going?
oh gee I don't know!
Australia I think!

{four} what is your favorite outdoor activity?
Camping! love love love!

{five} as a child, what did you want to “be when you grew up”? did you end up there?
a momma & sunday school teacher
I got one of two going ;)

{six} what are 3 things your dream home would have that you don’t currently have?
huuuge kitchen with a range, pool & fenced in backyard
our yard is giiiiiiiiiiiinormous & fencing it would be soo expensive

{seven} what’s for dinner tonight?
hot doggies on the grill,coney sauce, macaroni salad :)

{eight} if someone stopped by your house unannounced on a typical Saturday night, what would they find you doing?
 playing with my bug, watching a movie with my hubby & probally editing

{nine} what’s your average monthly water bill?
I couldn't tell you, hubs does the bills

{ten} what do you do to relax?
hold my baby :)
either one ;)