7 months!

What you are doing this month:
You are pulling yourself up on everything!
including standing in your crib, its crazy!
You are obsessed with the laptop, I can hardly type a thing with out you banding on the keyboard!
You crawl..alot..backwards. You dont go forward, & get REALLY angry when you dont!
You still love bathtime, we almost always do it together & I love that.
You are eating all sorts of things, & I love being able to make it for you!
You hold you bottle just about all the time now, you have been since around 3 months but only for short periods of time, now you do it your whole feeding!
If you love walking holding on to mommas hands, its crazy that you have the coordination down!
Just today, I let go & you stood by yourself for like 5 seconds!
You love your pool, I thought you would since you love your bath, but even when its cold you won't care
You are still about 98% TV free, I let you watch a occasional disney movie while I get ready for sessions 

You also are really into other children, you will watch them forever
You reach for me now if in other peoples arms {LOVE}
You vocab consists of: ma-ma, ba-ba, & da-da
You still are drolling 24/7 & have yet to have a tooth emerge, UGH
You now all most completely in your crib :(
You go in your room at around 730 for bed, come into ours at 5 & wake up for the day around 8..930-10 if I let you!
{going to do a post on co-sleeping transition, the stats are true so easy to do when you have co-slept}
You are VERY into toys, you sit & play with them all day!

We love you very much bug!
We have loved these past 7 months!