Hey Ya'll!
We are back!
We had theee best time!
I hope you all enjoyed the guest posters!
Thank you ladies!
 *disclaimer all pictures were taken on my point & shoot & are horrible quality*
I dont even know where to start!
We started the vacation visiting Brandons family
{we got there around 1 in the morning on Friday night & spent Saturday @ the flea market & Sunday got the family that lives down there together}
was Sea World
Kennedy watched just about every show & slept during just a little bit of one!
I cant believe how into everything she was
I figured she may after the way she was at Disney on Ice here at home but she was younger then!
She only took two around 15 min naps
which is crazy because she normally is a regiously ten million naps taker a day!

kennedys name on the big screen during the shamu show!

she loved watching the shows!
was Disney
Kennedy did amazing!
I am going to do a whole post on just how baby friendly Disneyworld is tomorrow
but to sum it up it was amazing
& she got to go on all but 2 rides with me!
disney world outfit!

i couldnt find a bow that i liked with cinderella but I did find this! it is a cinderella made out of  ribbon headband clip on!

daisy wrote: "to the cutest girl in the world" :)

Wednesday & Thursday
I got sick.
sick as hell.
& still am :(
We all need to re-coop from walking so much with no sleep
so we hung at the resort 
was Universal Studios

I didn't want to put TOO many pictures up
so I put my facebook albums public for you all to see!
To see part one click HERE
& part two HERE

Oh & I am not pregnant.