Thank god for girlfriends! How would you live without them? 
They're the first people I call after I am done watching some skanky reality show to dish about all the sluts making out with whomever.
I love it. 
And, of course those wild nights out.
 I have a few classic memories of us staggering down a road 
& peeing in someones alley. 
I thought for sure my friendly chick-pack would always be united and friend til the end. 
Even tho some of use eventually got married, we still remained close. 
In fact, the married ones would live vicariously thru the single ones. 
We'd listen to stories about some new boyfriend crooked penis & love it!
Let me start by telling you this... once you become a mom, anyone who is still single in your life & without kids will think you are the most boring person to talk to.
You might not know this because she will fake yo uout by smiling & nodding.
But she honestly doesn't give a shit about your babys new tooth.
What she really doing is thinking about how shes going to get her purse back from the hairy, creepy guy she slept with last night.
So you slowly stop getting as many calls from your single friends, and you start to notice your talking every day to your friends who have babies {or bloggy friends}
It's really bizarre to watch it happen because you thought your clique was unbreakable.
But your not there anymore when your girlfriend calls drunk from a bar at 3 AM 
nor do you want anything do with that anymore.
You'd rather clean up your babies puke then your girlfriends.
So you take the sad transition of moving on from your wild friends and growing closer to the ones who just bought really cute diaper bags.

So just you know that the whole changing of girlfriends thing is kind of normal.
It happens to all of use, and I can tell you that new mommies I ve met who have joined my mommy circle far outweigh the drunken girlfriend who can't remember what bar they left their underwear in....
you'll see!
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