I thought this would give my IF girls a laugh, well & just anyone.
It's BDing time over here at our household
Now imagine:
ok don't imagine
But briefly think
I am laying there, hips elevated with my legs up in the air
{no I am not positive this does anything, but it can't hurt right?}
& I am seriously thirsty
I am brinking parch-ness
so I am trying to talk the hubs into going downstairs for me
because honestly, I was just too lazy to do it myself
mr sleepy pants wanted to go to bed
I was coming up with reasons
I was not going to get up
I was determined
"i will love you forever"
my legs are still in the
"i will take out the trash for a week *totally fibbing here"
then it came to me
"i am trying to get pregnant here, the least you could do is get me a glass of water"
my mouth was then moist :)

So all you TTC ladies, be sure to try this one
turns out TTC does have a few perks ;)