I never planned on co-sleeping. Like all new moms I had read about the horror stories and the SIDS statistics. So when it came to picking out baby gear I bought the best bassinet I could find and a beautiful crib and bedding thinking that my new baby would be spending many months safely  tucked away in her bassinet each night. WRONG! From the moment Rylin was born I did not want to be separated from her. Not even to catch a few badly needed zzzz's and apparently she felt the same way. Every time we tried to place our sleeping baby in her bassinet she would immediately wake up and only fall back asleep on our chests. I spent the first 6 weeks sleeping upright on our couch with Rylin on my chest. My back was aching and I was beyond exhausted so I wrote a post reaching out to other mommy bloggers and was surprised to receive an overwhelming amount of information and advice about co-sleeping. So I bought a bed rail that would fit our bed and finally for the first time in 6 weeks I was able to sleep in my own bed with my baby safely tucked next to me and have been doing so ever since. I dress Rylin in warm pj's, leave the fan on low, and place her on top of the comforter between the bed rail and I so there is no risk of the cover getting on her or Jake rolling onto her and we are both able to get a full nights sleep! I thought we would make the transition into her crib when she turned 6 months old but it is going so well that we are going to continue to co-sleep as long as she in comfortable with it. Some people tell me I am spoiling her and that I'll never be able to get her out of my bed but that's fine with me. She's only gonna be this little once.