Have you ever watched your baby sleep? If you like most of the momma population you spent quite a big amount of time doing this while they are "babies"..newborns..few weeks old. 
Now that naps are shorter, I find myself checking facebook, catching up on my google reader, reading my book for the week. But, not today.
Today, I watched this amazing miracle God gave me sleep.
I sat in her room when my legs got tired & tidied up her already clean room.
Here was this beautiful little girl just sleeping.
She knows no malice, or wrong on the world.
Knows nothing of Casey Anthony or why Lindsay Lohan is jail this time.
She knows of her Momma,da-da & her puppies.
Her world is broading to different things.
Learning how things work, standing, walking & feeding herself.
But one thing that is constant, is that she will always wake up to her momma {or da-da}

I don't know why I am going thru the things I am going thru right now.
What I do know God did give me this miracle.
& how lucky must I be to be the center of this beautiful girls little world.