As soon as we walked in to the park
our diaper bag was checked &; the man told me
make sure you check out the baby care center to the left of the castle
& I made mental note & off I went

I wasn't sure what all I could actually do that involved Kennedy but hey it was DISNEY WORLD
we would make the best of it!
First stop was a character "daisy duck" 
not only did she write how cute my baby was, she took the time for Kennedy to feel her mouth & fur ect.
I was amazed that there was 100 people behind us & she took more time then just to snap a picture & sign an autograph

Next we started walking & saw Ariel! Now Kennedy was sleeping, but my niece who just turned 4 was not.
This doesn't have anything to with do with an infant but I really want to touch on how going to Disney is for a family vacation for ALL ages, & I know some of my followers have older children.
She was a bit shy/grumpy. 
This women took so much time with EACH child. she was talking with my niece trying to get her to open up, asking if she could she Flounder in the pond ect. 
I am amazed on how the characters acted with the children 
I guess I didnt remember from when I was younger.

Also touching on the staff, you get buttons when you walk in 
they say things like "1st visit" "Happy Anniversary" "Its my Birthday" ect
& whenever I saw someone with a button that past a worker
even if they were sweeping the street I would hear "Happy Anniversary"
so awesome.
Side Tip #1:
If going during summer months, utilize the small fountains around to cool off! 

Next was our first ride!
We rode the Magic Carpet
&aKennedy could ride!
Right on my lap!
I didn't think she would really be able to ride anything
but she could ride all rides but the real rollercoasters, in my lap!
Note to infant moms thinking about planning a Disney Vacation there are SEVERAL rides that are indoor, that you sit & travel thru looking at things, as well as shows that are very exciting for parents & baby to sit & enjoy themselves {ex. pirates of the caribbean, snow white, small world ect.}

Around 4 Kennedy got fussy because she wanted to nap
& I was HOT
So I remembered what the nice man had mentioned at the gate
& let the rest of the family go on a "big" roller coaster
&went to the Baby Care Center
They have two private nursing rooms with rocking chairs for BF mommas
& chairs out in the playroom for us bottle feeding mommas
they have highchairs which I utilized to feed Kennedy
& a TV for the slightly older kids to watch & eat a snack
speaking of feedings & snacks
they have formula,snacks,nipples,bottles,water,sun screen ALL on hand if you need them
as well as 5 changing tables in the next room & a uni-sex bathroom
you can use the kitchen that has a sink, & microwave
Kennedy got to nap &; ate while I got to cool off in one place with out a million people
it was honestly awesome.

inside baby care center

Helpful Info:
Investing in a stroller fan is something you should consider!


One thing I will say though, as accommodating as they are for babies
one thing that burned my biscuits was not being able to bring your stroller really anywhere!
I forgot my carrier &; had to hold her thru 45 min lines which was no fun for me or her!

Which does bring me to Universal Studios which has a thing called child swap.
You can wait in line the whole 45 mins while dad,momma or grandma is waiting in this section.
Once you go on the ride, you can go & watch baby or take baby on the ride although universal only had one baby friendly ride I could find which was the carousel!
{update in 2015, disney has a child swap now!!} 

What I am trying to get to is
If you are thinking of a vacation & thought Disney maybe no right for your family because your baby is too young. You may want to think again.
& hey they are free right now ;)
Though expensive they really do treat you amazing & give you the "dream" experience no matter what age :)

Next up: Flying with an Infant!