Thursday, May 16, 2013

Car Seat Safety Week!

Its car seat safety week!

I am not getting into RF vs FF, cause well I am just not.
That is your choice & my choice until the law changes it one way or the other; or maybe it already has in your state! 
So breathe, this is not a debate you will find here!

But I felt the need to post a few things, mostly because I became crazy unaware after my friend just had a baby & she had NO clue how to properly belt put baby her in a car seat. No one had told her, not even the hospital!

I am not gonna sit here & lecture you. Whether you have a top rated car seat, or the one you could afford on your budget; properly putting your baby in that car seat if crucial.

I grew up that I was barely in a car seat, after my bucket seat; I was in a car seat with no belt just a bar that went over me. Heck I even rode in the front seat in that thing. I wasn't in that long, & I was carseatless. My mom has my girls alot, & car seat safety just hasn't been apart of her world for a long time. She will throw the girls in the car seats & not think about it, until we sat her down & showed her. You don't know unless someone shows you! & Now we have Kennedy remind her every time she puts her in her "ca-seat" she will say "safety first nana" :)

So I am showing you!

First the chest clip. Its called that for a reason.
Not to be far down on their belly! for their CHEST.
It needs to be armpit level.

Car Seat Safety- Chest Clip

 The side impact head rest should be at chin level, or I have heard below ears!

Car Seat Safety. Side impact head rest.
Also, the belt should not be able to be pinched. I don't encourage the two finger under rule!

I hope this will help maybe a mom to  be, or a mom that sees they are putting their child in improperly!
Carseat safety is just something you can't just be so so about. Each & every time you put them in the car it need to be done properly. & remind those that take your child places do they are also educated & you have a mind at ease knowing your child is safe. 

This is your child's life.
Take carseat safety seriously!


  1. This is awesome!
    thanks for sharing this info, its amazing how many people dont know they put their kid in their car seat improperly!

  2. Simple reminders yet how many of us look over one thing or the other every day because we just simply aren't educated enough on car seats? No shaming, no pointing fingers, just sharing tips and knowledge - I love it. Thanks Tara :)

  3. I agree. I'm a huge car seat safety advocate, I just wrote a guest post on Snuggle Bugz blog, and it's NOT the parents' many people just don't know! I will say though, as a nurse, we cannot legally do car seat checks as the parents leave the hospital as we can be held liable. BUT as an ER nurse, I always do education if a baby is practically falling out of their bucket seat!

  4. Love this post, I've been called a carseat Nazi :) At the hospital where Emmett was born, you can't leave until you've passed the carseat inspection with baby in the seat. I was SO happy to see that. It's an army hospital, so maybe they follow their own rules? Not sure. In Texas pediatricians have changed to saying "rear facing to two years" as well. Love it. Awesome post, lady!

  5. I love that you posted this!! The hospital taught us the no pinch rule but my hubs and I always disagree where the chest part should go. So thank you for clearing that up :)


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