I have so slacked on these posts! Here is a new post on one of our favorite "school" activites!

What You'll Need:
Muffin Tin
Colored "puffs" { you could also use, small colored balls or anything really}
a pair of small tongs
Paper of the color of puffs you choose 

-COLOR: Learning the colors of the puffs. Say them out loud while they are putting them in the tins. "Where does the BLUE go?" "what color is that?" 
-MATCHING: Placing the colored puff with the coordinating color that you put in the bottom of the tin
-FINE MOTOR SKILLS: GREAT pre scissor skills right here! Kennedy {like in the photos, which were taken awhile ago} was use two hands to pick up each puff & now can easily use the tongs with one hand; & now uses scissors GREAT!

I am pretty sure I got all my supplies here from the dollar tree!
I used colored index cards for the bottom of the tin!
Just cut circles & taped it to the bottom! 
Easy, Peasey!
My girl picks this up everyday even when we aren't having "school" time. 
It one of her favorite games, she is always saying "i did it I did it, again? again?"

a few of our color circles are missing from the bottoms here! :)

If your little is new to matching don't sweat it. Is a concept they generally pick up on pretty fast!
With new activities like this it always helps for YOU to do it first a few times.
Make it sound exciting "Hey come & look at this"
Then try to explain matching in words your tot can understand.
I said to kennedy "see this one is yellow? look the bottom is yelllow" & placed it in there then did the next color & so on then repeated!
Also, if your tot doesn't know their colors yet, they can still get this concept! :)