Thursday, September 15, 2011


I just got off the phone with the dr.
Lets start with yesterday
I dont know if yall remember but we were going to try to go thru our family dr who totally rocks
& will even make house calls for kennedy &/or me
he is great
when the nurse called to say I was to get a ultrasound & he had decided to pass me on to a high-risk OB
I said ok but not my old OB
so i thought I was going to an actual OB office like other US's
& could confine in a OB about this tremendous pain I have been having
Well i was wrong
I went to the radiologist dept to get my ultrasound
We were just walking down the hall to room when we instantly knew this girl was a biatch
Brandon now says we should have right there just turned around
she told how pointless my ultrasound was & she wouldnt be able to see ANYTHING
as if i electively wanted this US the DR ORDERED IT
i have had my US way earlier then 4 weeks before
we are doing this for a reason, which I told her
she did first a on external US i was like umm, your not going to do a internal/trans-vaginal?
lady was on crack i swear
she continued to be rude, & brandon i swear was close to knocking her out
she asked him to leave the room
then we got down to business, she said there "was a sac but nothing in it, who knows if it will stick anyways"
after a few more blows, & jabs at my heart & ovaries , i left shaking & crying
the worst experience ever
today I got a call.. after calling twice when they were supposed to call me first thing today
I am measuring 5w 5d. My LMP was 4w 2d ago, & apparently now my levels are LOW
no fetal pole, which could be ok but with kennedy & my last 2 pregnancies we had a  pole &/or saw heartbeat
nurse said "with my history I would expect to miscarry, just go in monday to confirm your levels are dropping"
um no, your apparently on crack too i said I would go in either today or tomorrow
I am not gonna sit all weekend wondering if I am losing ANOTHER baby. sorry. not happening.
on top of that, if it continues to rise there is so much I have to do in my early stages of pregnancy to make sure everything is OK.
So she agreed for me to get another tomorrow!
We will see.
I am scared.
Kennedy at 5w 5d


  1. im so sorry you have to deal with insensitive and rude people during such a emotional time. You are a strong person and just remember to keep thinking positive.

    ***hoping and praying for a sticky baby for you***

    [sweet life of a southern wife]

  2. Ugh! Hateful people! I would turn her in if I were you. That is just pure evil. I wonder if the cranky lady measured wrong? You are in my thoughts and prayers! Hoping that you get good news within the coming days.

  3. I am so sorry you had to deal with that. I would definitely turn her in or at least let the company know how rude she was. That is completely uncalled for and very unprofessional.

    Lots of prayers and I hope you get some good news soon... xo

  4. That sounds terrible! Sorr you have to deal with that! I'll be thinking of you!

  5. I was so angry while reading this!I had a bad ultrasound experience when we had to go in at 10 weeks to check on our vanishing twin. I wish people would be more considerate when dealing with people in these types of situations. I am praying everything works out.

  6. Ugh I am so sorry. I'm in nursing school and my teachers don't put up with those kinds of people, you act like that and you get fired.

    She has no right to say anything to you, she's not God, she doesn't know what's gonna happen!

    Fingers crossed for you and your sticky bean!

  7. seriously! what is wrong with people! I just don't understand how people can be so freaking rude - especially about something like this. She obviously needs a new job ina different field - one where no interaction with others is necessary.
    Thinking and praying for you

  8. What a bitch!!! I would be putting in a complaint about her..she should be more sensative to people's needs and not so damn rude!

    Thinking of you and hoping for good news. xx


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