Well its labor day weekend!
My town is a freakin overpopulated mess
we have a HUGE car auction & car shows
& car freakin everything
I live in a small town where you have to go into town for everything
& have to go thru the square to get there
which is blocked off
making it supppperrr annoying
on top of that every car which you have a 1 in 10 chance on not getting behind a car from at least 50 years ago
goes supppppppppppppppppppper slow
i am talking like 5 MPH
& they wave at people 
& each other
& its annoying
ok end rant
since I will be spending the weekend mostly annoyed
did i mention it is 101 degrees out & two days ago in the mid to high 70s
that is also annoying. haha
I decided to bring back to good ol ask me anything post
AHHH how small is she?
So seriously ask me anything
ask your questions HERE or comment below
happy asking :)