Oh my oh my; i have meaning to post about the rest of our weekend after the lake, & here I am...on Wednesday
My mind has been a dis-com-bobled mess
ok so after the lake on Saturday
we had a big bash on Sunday for the hubs work
they put one this huge party with yummy food, you pay per plate & the proceeds go towards MDA
Kennedy enjoyed the day
walking around with me with just one hand! eatttting up the attention!
then we sat back & people watched
& she ate snacks
Then nana came & picked her up
& momma & daddy got to party a little
when i say party a little i mean
momma had like 2 margartias & daddy had a few beers
10 o clock rolled around & we were pooped
& our plan of partying all night for the first time in 3 years, camp with everyone & dance our butts off
was actually us going to home, wondering what kennedy was doing & sleeping by midnight :)
we capped of Monday, by being lazy
we all went to my parents in our PJS & had a BBQ!
like i said it was 60 degrees, but was perfect!
we haven't had brandon home for a day off in going on 3 weeks so it was nice :)