Well i found out friday my beta was...
which is good, means they are rising...a little low
no answer to my severe pain, way to painful for implantation {in my my opinon for my last 3 pregnanies}
so I have my first appt with my NEW OB wednesday!

Saturday we woke up not feeling the greatest but was asked to go to to the Johnny Appleseed fest with my good friend, & her kiddos
so I put kennedy in TWO shirts, vest & hat & headed out
it ended up actually getting pretty warm!
some highlights:
a little walking practice
rein-actors who by the way shoot of canons that made me almost pee my pants TWICE! & didnt even phase kennedy! deaf much? 
you can find abe justa walkin around
the whole reason for the fest is because johnny appleseed is buried here!
the fest is surround by the grave site of johnny apple seed
we also did a little grocery shopping!

what'd yall do?