I sit here
my windows slightly open
just enough cold chill coming thru the windows
its 67 degrees outside
I am in yoga pants & hoodie as is Kennedy
could this be the start of fall?
i hope so!

I looove fall
the decor, the candles {which are burning the scents of green apple, pumpkin spice & mulled cider right now :)}
the leaves 
i love it!

I am going to be getting out my fall stuff in a bit! 
& will post pictures of course

so in lieu of fall {or the fall like weather}
I had to share one of the halloween outfits I got for kennedy to wear for her fall pictures
I pre ordered it in July & got it a few weeks ago!
couldnt you just die?
the bow is just as adorable!

ps: had such a fun weekend! can't wait to share!
off to a BBQ at my parents!
hope your enjoying your labor day! I am loving having my husband home, thats for sure!