I just got off the phone with the dr.
Lets start with yesterday
I dont know if yall remember but we were going to try to go thru our family dr who totally rocks
& will even make house calls for kennedy &/or me
he is great
when the nurse called to say I was to get a ultrasound & he had decided to pass me on to a high-risk OB
I said ok but not my old OB
so i thought I was going to an actual OB office like other US's
& could confine in a OB about this tremendous pain I have been having
Well i was wrong
I went to the radiologist dept to get my ultrasound
We were just walking down the hall to room when we instantly knew this girl was a biatch
Brandon now says we should have right there just turned around
she told how pointless my ultrasound was & she wouldnt be able to see ANYTHING
as if i electively wanted this US the DR ORDERED IT
i have had my US way earlier then 4 weeks before
we are doing this for a reason, which I told her
she did first a on external US i was like umm, your not going to do a internal/trans-vaginal?
lady was on crack i swear
she continued to be rude, & brandon i swear was close to knocking her out
she asked him to leave the room
then we got down to business, she said there "was a sac but nothing in it, who knows if it will stick anyways"
after a few more blows, & jabs at my heart & ovaries , i left shaking & crying
the worst experience ever
today I got a call.. after calling twice when they were supposed to call me first thing today
I am measuring 5w 5d. My LMP was 4w 2d ago, & apparently now my levels are LOW
no fetal pole, which could be ok but with kennedy & my last 2 pregnancies we had a  pole &/or saw heartbeat
nurse said "with my history I would expect to miscarry, just go in monday to confirm your levels are dropping"
um no, your apparently on crack too i said I would go in either today or tomorrow
I am not gonna sit all weekend wondering if I am losing ANOTHER baby. sorry. not happening.
on top of that, if it continues to rise there is so much I have to do in my early stages of pregnancy to make sure everything is OK.
So she agreed for me to get another tomorrow!
We will see.
I am scared.
Kennedy at 5w 5d