Monday, August 8, 2011

things on my mind {in bullets}

  • my house is a freakin diaster area. not the "oh dont mind my house-even though i know its clean-but want to act like it is-because a friend stopped" but seriously messy. I had a wedding {that was awful & I mean awful}& a session & during the husband didnt deem it necessary to help a momma out.
my back living room at this very minute! EK!

  •  I am thinking about starting the dining room remodel TODAY. this could happen before or after cleaning ;)

  • I think some momma bloggers are mean. I got so many mean emails about me not loving my daughter,being a horrible parent, "I should just kill my daughter myself" {yeah that was said} after THIS post, just to make it clear I never said she would never be rear-facing just cant see a 2 year old smashed in the backseat. end of discussion

  • while on that note who gives any of us mommas a right to telling them they are doing something wrong. I personally would never bash ANYONES parenting unless they were like beating their child or something horrific like a Oprah episode. Mommas are seriously brutal. {disclaimer: I totally could careless what mean people say, blogging gives anyone the right to say stuff; but sometimes..the mean stuff can get to me}

  • Kennedy is a puffs ADDICT. seriously she loves um.

      • My hair is crazzzy long. & I feel like I can't do nothing with it but put it in a ponytail. bleh.
      • My dogs seriously have been driving me CRAZY
      • can someone PLEASE make my header center? it driving me insanee!
      • My 4-year old niece has been spending around 20 hrs aday at our house & keeps peeing on my peeing on my floors. I dont get it; & it totally brought up the clear coat on my tile. ummmm..ew.

      Ok thats all I got for ya. 
      Hope you had a great weekend! TO CLEAN!


    1. My house looks just lke that but... Maddux is & has been crazyyyyy fussy nothing makes him happy so I haven't gotten anything done. :(

    2. I wouldn't worry about what other mom's say. I know I don't have my own child yet, but honestly I agree with you. Some kids are too big to face backward until the age of 2. I understand doing it until they reach that point. But then you also have to keep a 2 year old entertained during the car ride...without them facing forward and seeing what is going on. It just seems silly to me, regardless of new statistics.

      And if those momma's care about statistics then maybe they shouldn't tell you to kill yourself...Bullying. just sayin'.

      Anyways, no Mom is perfect. Try not to let their comments get to you. Your daughter loves you, and has all the necessities for healthy living. You are a good Mom! ♥

    3. I realize that by blogging we do get judged by other moms, but that does not justify the bullying that you have received. Sorry that has happened, I just posted a comment on the car seat post and if my son was a happy camper rear-facing he would still be. We made it to 15 months and I don't believe I am committing homicide because I did that. Give me a break! :)

    4. Yikes about the mean mamas! :( Not cool! I also can't get my blog header center either and it drives me crazy as well!

    5. Boo to mean mommies! You go girl for speaking, ahem, writing what you feel!

    6. I am sorry about the mean mommys!

      ps. niece peeing all over your house... so funny!! but not really :)


    shucks, thanks the comment!
    i looove hearing from you!
    -tara :)


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