Wednesday, August 31, 2011

my sunshine

the other day
kennedy was looking extra cute

i mean i know she is already pretty freakin cute
but this day..
she had that EXTRA cute-ness in her eye

& i had the sudden urge to take a million pictures
ok i always do
but i felt like i need to capture her..right now.. that moment.
she looked so happy
her personality was raying out of her like sunshine on hot july day
she was my baby
& before i know
she is going to be a toddler :(

think she is cute too?
we could really use a MAJOR boost on TBB!
just two clicks
below, then on the owl on the left :)
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  1. omg! she does look so adorable!! super cute outfit and headband!

  2. ohh where did you get that little dress?? so cute! she is beautiful!


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