Wednesday, August 17, 2011

adventures in self feeding

So I am always reading 
& always reading my "babys first year"
reading articlies, studies; you i'm crazy ;)
& recently seeing some great articiles & chapter in my "babys first year"
it suggested dabbling in it at 8 months
well here we are FREAKING 9 MONTHS
{still in denial}
she has been "wanting" to feed herself for awhile now 
i got the bumbo out, went outside
put a jar {i am kinda slacking on making babyfood lately only because my mom bought a bunch because she is a shop a holic & thought instead of 2 jars for her house she bought like 80}
took her clothes off
& her spoon in front of her
sat back & try not to intervene
& let her explore

it started of a little at the "wrong end"
then she got down to buisness & got messy
she misssed a few times
but she got the hang of it
she got a little "hands on"
 some times it hard to see all my parenting choices paying off right away
I try to do things filed under "attachment" & "natural" with my own twist creating my own style without falling under a category
being critized for this thing or that thing
but when I come to decision & tell some people about it; they think I am crazy
this being one of them 
"it will be such a mess" "good luck with that" ect
but it was so cool to watch my daughter "learn" right in front of my eyes
no she wasnt scooping spoon fulls out of the jar by the end of this
but she learn what side to put in her mouth & move the spoon around on her tray to get some on it for a good taste :)


  1. i love how youre outside!! ;) Good thinking! Wayyy cute! love babies!

  2. Messy is fun!! I love that you're outside too!! Good thinking!!!

  3. I've left Aydan feed himself but it is mainly with just his hands and he does try to grab the spoon a lot when we are feeding him - so I am going to have to do this...and just let him have it! great idea about going outside :)

  4. Sooo cute! The funny thing is she knows exactly what she's doing when it comes to making a mess for mummy to clean up x x x


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