What a year it has been.
Somehow each year has gone by faster than the one before it.
For some reason, this year seemed to have gone by the fastest of all.

Let's recap the year shall we? Make sure you stick around til the end as, I have something to say to YOU.

We started off the year the way we had started the last several years, & that is the beginning of the dance season. Soon, we would come to the decision to leave our studio. & even though we found a new, wonderful dance home. Kennedy would ultimately choose to work solely on ballet! This decision would prove to be one of the best decisions for our Kennedy & our family.

In April, Kensley turned 6!

& she finished finished up her last year of Preschool!

We got to partner with Cedar Point & have two fun trips with them!

Both girls started up a new school year in the same school! Kensley is Kindergarten & Kennedy in 2nd grade!

We had another great Halloween of fun Family Costumes!

Right after Halloween, We had another amazing trip to Disney.

During our trip, Kennedy turned 8!

& Finished up the year celebrating Christmas!

& for fun!
Here are the posts you guys have liked the most this year:

While I don't upload very often, as I expected the top videos are the Disney videos so far. You guys have asked for more vlogs, I am going to see what we can do to make more videos in 2019!
The top YouTube videos:

I want to thank all of you for an amazing year. I really took this year to put more into this blog & other social media channels & you have supported me so much. Every click, like, share, swipe up.. all means so much for engagement to help support me & my family. Even your questions about where things are from, how I did something. Every single thing, means so much. 
So THANK YOU for this incredible year. YOU all have been a big part of why this year was amazing for my family.

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Here's to 2019!